Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chinese poo

My three year old had to poop.

Boo: Mommy, sit with me.

Me: Ok. Let me cover my nose with my shirt first.

Boo: Good idea. I stink! (Looks down as she goes.) Mommy! Mommy!

Me: What?

Boo: Look! My poop made a Chinese letter. What Chinese word is that?

Me: Oh Boo. Seriously....

Boo: (Stares into toilet) I think my poop spelled Ni Hao! Hello poop! Hello poop!

Me: Well, say goodbye to the poop because it needs to be flushed now.

Boo: Bye poop! Wow, I'm so proud. My poop speaks Chinese!


Steph said...

She is just SO great! I heart her :) Your life is never boring is it?

Pat said...

Thousand Islands is on the St. Lawrence Seaway (Upstate NY/ Canada) the outflow of Lake Ontario (and all the Great Lakes) to the sea. Beautiful place to visit during the summer and EARLY fall.

Anonymous said...

How is Avie? We never hear about her. Congrats on the test outcome. I was praying for you.

Scott said...

She must have a very creative large intestine, or a very active imagination!

Mutha said...

HAHA I love these comments.

Anon, you are right. Avie is not getting enough blog time. Maybe because until lately, she just wasn't doing much of anything. Still too baby to do much other than.. be a baby. But now she is more interactive and really forming a unique personality. I'll give more Av updates soon.

Steph- I think life is never boring because of our appreciation to live it up as much as possible. You never know what's around the corner. We try to laugh and be adventurous and make jokes and just be silly as much as we can. I think that is why Boo is so funny.

Pat- that was a quote from Creed from The Office. Love that show. Good to hear it really does exist. I'm sure it's also delicious.

J said...

So what you're saying is that your three year-old's poop speaks better Chinese than me? I'm screwed.

twolinesonastick said...

She is hilarious. It made me think of Mr Hanky, the Christmas Poo! Except he says "howdy ho" instead of "ni hao"


Dianna said...

Oh dear. I keep saying this but she is fabulous! My son decides his poo is Thomas the Tank Engine related and will tell stories about it. It's not clever enough to speak Chinese!

Holly said...

I love it!! I am so glad you are writing this stuff down!!