Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Babies Go To Grant's Farm

We took All My Children to Grant's Farm today. For those not a part of the In Crowd of hip and desperate mamas who need cheap and easy entertainment for their bored kiddos, Grant's Farm is an animal park in St. Louis. Ride a tram through the animals, (not literally, as that would be messy) then get off the tram and walk through a park filled with animals, then stop off on the way out of the park to drink free beer. It's a pretty win win situation for all.

We arrived when the park opened to find a huge crowd just as anxious for free beer family fun. The line to get onto the tram was long, but strangely entertaining this time around. A couple who I would call "County Fair" and you would roll your eyes and say I'm an elitist snob who has way too much fun with the stereotypes, was having a very public argument over a sippie cup. As in, he forgot the sippie cup AND the wipes. We know this because the wife huffed, "It's almost poop time and YOU forgot the wipes! You know she poops every day at this time!" The woman then flopped to the ground and started rummaging through her bag. "No sippie! No wipes! What were you thinking!" He said something we couldn't hear and she replied by screaming and I do mean screaming, "God Damn you! God dammit what were you thinkin?"

The crowd went silent except for this big guy in line behind her who said in a scolding voice, "Ma'am, come on. You're in public. Have a little self respect."

Yeah! I wanted to high five him. Instead, I said, "And there's kids everywhere!" I looked behind me at this very upscale looking family who had that deer in headlights look. "If we don't look at the lower income people having a marital spat, they won't exist."

You should have seen me with my girls. I was a proud peacock mama, strutting my stuff as I showed off my beauties. They were dressed alike, and boy did we get noticed. People pointed. People stared. People were very confused. "Are they twins? Oh wait. No, they can't be twins..." Tee he. It was great.

Speaking of County Fair, Grant's Farm had one going on today to raise money for Jerry's Kids. In the pic below, Narnia is introduced to gambling. Free beer AND gambling! Does it get any better? She got to choose acwind up pig, lay a chip down on its corresponding number, and watch them race to the finish line. When the race started, the booth ladies played, "Who let the pigs out? Oink oink oink oink." Narnia has her money on #6.

Oooh it's a close one. The ladies manning the booth are telling Narnia to watch her pig while Matt helps her bang on the table and yell, "COME ON PIGGIE!"
This is the moment when #6 won by a snout. Notice how happy the booth ladies are for a very confused Narnia. She won a big stuffed snake with a neon orange tongue and big googley eyes. She also got two parachuting ninja toys. She was happier about the ninjas because Narina loves ninjas. Or as she calls them, "Injas." She did wear the snake around her neck. "Look honey, you're Britney Spears."
The babies sit quietly in the stroller and eat Cheerios and watch their sister play the piggies.
Narnia and Matt bottle feed a goat. Because that's what we really need to do after feeding babies all day long. Purchase a bottle of goat food and bottle feed another crying mouth.
Here Matt and Narnia run through the misters.
The water droplets sparkle on her head.
The babies were so good natured, we pushed our luck with going out to lunch. Obviously, we dined in peace.


Jenny said...

I haven't seen cuter family fun anywhere. Yay for a great day!

JaenShaesMom said...

Looks like fun was had by all. What adorable pics!

twolinesonastick said...

Yay for family fun day! Are you doing GF for Halloween this year?

Dianna said...

Those last two pictures are gorgeous. I love sleeping babes. Oh so cute.

Anonymous said...

You left out two key points about the County Fair couple. By the point that we noticed them (just before the poop comments) she was already screaming at the top of her lungs. And when her husband didn't drop everything and run back to the car right away she screamed "Fine, I'll walk all the way back across the parking lot and get it myself! What a *man* you are."

Kevin said...

Where did they find room to set up all that carnival stuff? From the pictures it looks like they had bounce houses and everything!

stlouisgal said...

OMG, I bet you get some good "twin comments" and I hope you have some good come back answers, please share them with me, I am running out of good ones. I know the questions I get, and I would love to see the faces of the people asking you, "r they twins", "r they identical", I think stupid ?'s deserves stupid answers don't ya think????? Ah, but I can't ever do it, I just answer all of their stupid questions with what they want to know.

So how was the MD thing? I wanted to go, since that is now my official diagnosis, maybe next year.