Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boo Discovers Yoda

My three year old sleeps with the page out of the Halloween costume catalog that features the Mulan costume.

She also carries the rest of the Halloween catalog around with her from room to room. She will look at the costumes and ask me endless questions about each of the characters.

Today she found.....


And a billion questions came. So I told her to ask her father. Because, really? How do you explain Yoda to a three year old?

Matt showed Miss Boo scenes from Star Wars so she could get familiar with Yoda. I'm glad he did it because I do not have the patience to explain the complex plot lines of Star Wars to a preschooler.

Yoda has a light saber. It's like Mulan's sword. Only it glows!

While watching the scenes, Boo would turn her head, cover her face, and say, "I can't look!" Matt would offer to turn it off and Boo would yell, "NO I HAVE TO WATCH MORE!"

And now, a new obsession in the house has begun.

Yoda. Who knew?

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