Monday, August 13, 2007

All Done!

When I'm done feeding the girls at the table, I raise my hand in the air wave it around while singing, "Alllll done! Alllll done!"

Last night after Juna took her last bite of food, she raised her hand in the air and waved it around and said, "Ahhhhh duh! Ahhhhh duh!"

She'll be 10 months on Friday and I want to just stop the clock and enjoy all this baby cuteness. With each new thing she learns, I celebrate. But I also feel sad. It's bittersweet. I love watching her grow, but I already missed so many months with her. Oh Juna, just be my baby as long as you can!

At least she's here, she's healthy, and she's obviously very happy. That's what I should focus on.

Probably you other China adoption moms know exactly how I feel right now.

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