Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Husband, I legally obligated to keep him

Here's how neurotic I am.

A friend is in town. The weekend has been taken up doing the whole sightseeing thang. Which I'm proud to do. I love this city and want to show it off.


It means one less weekend for China related stuff.

And since Husband's Mama is coming to town the weekend before we leave, that only gives me two weekends left to devote to China Related Stuff.

So today I sent my adorably tech geeky husband and his equally geeky friend to Target to buy sleepers for the baby.

See, I'm not thinking. Why did I send THEM to buy clothing for my child? These are men who see no problems wearing white socks with Birkenstocks. White socks with the gray reinforced toe.

But they were going to Target anyway and I figured, hey, two birds, one stone.

Two geeks, no fashion sense.

They came back with the most hideous looking granny flower pattern sleeper. My husband thought, "Flowers. My wife likes flowers." His friend thought, "Busy pattern. Won't show the spit up." I thought, "Curtains. Grandma curtains."

But husband also bought a sleeper covered in red, white, and blue fireworks.

I held it up and said, "Awwww! You got this because we'll be there for our anniversary on the fourth of July. How sweet!"

Husband and Friend just looked at one another. This is when Husband should have said, "Why yes, honey. I love our anniversary!"

Instead he said, "Actually, I just got it cuz it was the only other one they carried in that size."

He's so lucky he's married. If he was single, he'd be lonely.

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Katie said...

Wow - What were you thinking? My husband has a little bit (miniscule) of fashion sense and I would NEVER have sent him off to choose clothes for Sofie. Now maybe if I had gone on line, chosen them myself and printed out the photo of the exact sleeper to buy - maybe then I'd have left it up to him. Maybe. My neighbor on the otherhand went out and bought his new daughter a ton of clothes and surprised his wife with them. We were all surprised over that one. The clothes were actually cute. Go figure. In addition to no fashion sense ( I choose all of his clothes) - my husband still has not grasped that tags on little girs clothes go in the back. He realizes that his tags go in the back, but has not transferred that to her clothes yet. Maybe in the next few months it will occur to him?