Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vlog #3 Artificial Twins

I think I've found my online niche with this Vlog thing. I'm still going to do my video show, and if you'd like to see my video show, please look to the right. See the links? That's how you find the video show.

I'm thinking I need to blend the two a bit more. One of the big complaints people had about the video show was that it didn't show the side of me that comes out in the writing on this blog. I came off as a host, but not as me. I think being TV Host-y was the goal in the beginning, as I wanted to see if I could pull off the TV host thing. Now that it appears TV hosting is nowhere in my immediate future, why not just find my perfect groove here online? Blend more of the Vlog side into the video show? What do you think?

I'm experimenting. I think I'll just see what happens as this evolves.

Vlog week continues here at Word To Your Mutha. Here's me trying to to a vlog entry about the babies, with the babies on my lap. It's obvious I'm distracted, but I manage to finish my thoughts eventually AND you get to see cute babies.


Ashley said...

That was so cute! The girls are just darling. The bond between twins is amazing!! My 13 yr old fraternal twin boys are definetely each others best friend. Don't get me wrong, they can argue like two grumpy old men.They know how to push eachothers buttons! But they are always there for eachother. They do depend on eachother for certain things. They have similiar likes/dislikes, but their personalities are very unique and different. We encourage their individuality, and celebrate their "owness". Sometimes it is a a bit delicate, as they are vey competitve. Toddlerhood was a blurr... oh my the things they did!

It is a very special bond to witness, and be a part of. I continue to learn as I go. I feel very blessed. Have fun!!

No Minimom said...

I don't like that term anyway. It reminds me of the whole "natural twins" vs. "artificial twins" - the terms people throw around when discussing IVF twins. I always refer to your littlest girls as Irish twins. It's a much more positive term to me, even if it is slang and a little derogatory towards Irish Catholics:

J said...

Well rats! My ancient, craptacular computer is too slow to view the video. I need words, not pictures. I'm old-school. Maybe you could type out an entry with an old typewriter and snail-mail it to me?

Harmony said...

Very cute!! Experts - schmexperts. You are definitely the expert on mothering your children :)

Mutha Mae said...

J, I don't plan on doing these too often. Only this many because it's Vlog week. Then I'll go back to the usual written posts.

Anonymous said...

AGGGH!!!! GAWD!!!!

Sorry, that's the sound my womb makes when it sees lovely gorgeous bebes with their lovely gorgeous parents. Can't help it. When you hauled Avie up and said "Oh, c'mon, bebbies (sp)" I was utterly riveted because I USE THAT SAME VOICE on babies in my life.

Carry on... I think you're magnificent.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh MY! You're girls are getting cuter by the day! I think it's wonderful that they get to grow up together!


ps-I'm loving the vlog thing!

Anonymous said...

They just get cuter and cuter, don't they?