Monday, March 10, 2008

I love myself

Since I adore myself so much, and cannot bare the thought of going another week without posting another video show featuring ME on the internet, I've decided to delight you with a Vlog entry. By ME. Starring ME. Featuring MY brilliant storytelling and MY opinions about MY amazing children. Me me me me me me me!!!

Since I'm the world's biggest cheese-ball, I couldn't just do a Vlog entry. Oh no. I had to give it a stock opening and closing. I just wish I knew how to take the final frame, make a little circle at the bottom that opens up to my face doing something goofy, then have the circle close again. That would make it even better. And give ME more screen time. More me! Me me me me me me me.


jaenshaesmom said...

I loved the vlog entry! It's much more personal. It was good to see you "in person."

Eve said...

We all get it. If there weren't the fuzzy, beautiful inspiring moments like of which you spoke ... who the hell would procreate =)?! What's in it for us?? ha ha

I like the Vlog, by the way! Nice change.

And on a sidenote: find it utterly bizarre that we have the same Zen place. I hit the Botanical Gardens more often than I care to admit.

Jamie said...

You are too adorable. The Vlog was a neat idea.

Your girls sound like a blast.

Mutha Mae said...

J- more are coming. When are you going to Twitter again, huh huh?

Eve- I recently learned my grandmother's zen place was also the Botanical Garden. I never got to meet her, but really love seeing pics of her sitting on a bench, taking in all the beauty. I remember you once wrote you love the statue of the bathing beauty to the left as you walk into the garden. Curious as to which spots in the garden are your favorites?

Jamie- thank you. I created a separate YouTube page for the Vlog entries, so there will be more coming. So easy to do. That was in one take with no worries of doing actual "takes." Just look at camera and speak. Nice! No worries about editing or continuity. Just make sure I don't ramble on too long. I can do that!

Eve said...

Yes... the bathing beauty and going back that way... the nook with the bubbling fountain, under the weeping willows by the coy ponds, the gazebo with the fountain near the rose garden, the macabre yet peaceful ivy and fern-filled shady gated courtyard where the monument/coffin is, the original children's garden where the little mazes are (near the raccoons), and of course... lunch on the outdoor patio is always fab.

I also love the little gift shop.

Mutha Mae said...

For me, it's the fountain as you walk in. It's big and bold and noisy and in the heat, the spray can cool me down a few degrees.

The triangle fountain with the water that cascades down the front. Sorry, my brain is tired, so I don't know if I'm getting this exact.

The building that connects to the dome- there's a tile fountain, really gorgeous inside. I often imagine I'm in Italy when I sit there.

The city garden/patio area in Kemper.

There was a little secret garden built for the Orchid show. You could see a gate that opened to a backyard looking area. I wanted to walk in and get lost forever.

The kids love the dancing fountains in the Boxwood Garden.

And the brownies from the restaurant. Diet Schmiet, they are so good.

tubelessstl said...

I can't wait to go to the garden again. Is it best to invest in a membership? I use to live 3 blocks from there and went there all the time with my grandma. we loved the lily pond on the Tower Grove side. We would sit there for an hour each trip. I would walk to the gates and look down Flora Ave to see if any of my friends were playing outside too while I was in the gardens with g-g.

Great vlog, btw.

Anonymous said...

Love the more personal delivery of a 'vlog'! You're so animated. More please.

Ashley said...

LOVED it!! What a sight those kiddos must have been! Arn't moments like that a treasure?! Hey, you look great!

Crazy guestion here...May I ask what kind of lipstick/gloss you use? Your lips look fabulous!!

Mutha Mae said...

Tubeless- the membership is SO worth it, especially when you have a baby. You can push J in the stroller and when she's walking, she can toddle around and smell flowers. Worth every penny, because I hate being limited to the free days. It's usually raining on the free days anyway!

Lauren- thanks! More are coming very soon.

Ashley, I have tried everything on the market. I am someone who has to have a gloss or protector or something on my lips at all times, or I feel naked. I use the Revlon glosses. I got them in a saver pack at Costco, of all places. They are the golden shades from very pale to a more deep pinkish gold. They stay on forever and don't gum up. It holds true for both dry winter and warm humidity. I'm so sold, I went back and got another pack so I could always have one in my purse and in the car.

Just did another Vlog entry with the babies. I'm distracted, but they look cute. Thinking of posting it because I'm just uninspired to write more than a few sentences and I save that for Twitter or my comments.

sleeplesswonder said...

I LOVED YOUR VLOG!! You are a nut lol (in a good way) I love how you are honest and tell it like it is. And I can so pictures the kids doing that and you sitting there laughing. lol
I am glad you guys are all feeling better, but did you have to send it all the way up here to Newfoundland?? I have been feeling like crap since Friday, and now Toby is starting to get sick as well.
Love the honesty and the nuttiness
and the vlog, keep them coming.

gnomic said...

THANK YOU!! After you last blog post (sick kids) I was scared to see what you had vlog'd. Its a..a.. Wharhol? Pollock? OH, NO! Its, its. {BARF} Yup, I was afraid you were sharing the pain.

Thank you for your sense of self censorship. From the bottom of my stomach.

tut-tut said...

Great; I love the format. keep going (though you seem to have, haven't you?)