Thursday, March 20, 2008

Actually we're quite off

Miss Boo has a new favorite show. The Fairly Odd Parents.

Boo: Can I watch that one show?
Me: Which show, Boo?
Boo: The Faerie Odd Parents?
Me: The Fairly Odd Parents?
Boo: Yeah. The Barely Off Pants.
Me: Want to try for one more, Boo?
Boo: The Barely Off Parents!

There will be a new episode of Word To Your Mutha The Show on Monday. Part 2 of the Magnet School series.

There might be a new vlog entry tomorrow or this weekend. Not sure of that yet.

Until we meet again in this kooky online world, take care, my internet lovelies. All 38 of you. Wish I was kidding. Sadly I'm not.

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