Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm one busy Mutha.

If I neglect the bloggity blawg, you will know why. I'm neither here, nor there. I am everywhere!

Keeping me busy outside of my Mutha-ly duties is the voice thang. I've got some big projects coming up in the coming days and weeks. Which is good, because I'm starting a Lasik fund.

Have we talked Lasik before? Can we?

Ok, wait. Let me give you a moment of cuteness. That's really what you come here for!

Each night, we give the babies Naked Time. In diapers. There's not enough carpet cleaner in the world for full on baby naked time. I will sing song, "Naked time! Naked time!" The babies will claw at their clothing, and stomp their little feet and squeal with delight. We will strip them down and they will run circles around the dining table, patting their big bellies and laughing. I don't know where the belly patting started, but both of them do it constantly during Naked Time. Matt and I will sit on the floor and watch them and laugh so hard. Miss Boo joins in and the three chase each other around. It's pure Naked Time mayhem.

Ok- Lasik. Any regrets? Anyone with any strange after effects to warn me about? I'm ready to do this, but want to hear about experiences. Comments appreciated!

If there is a lack of posts in the coming days, just bare with me. I will be back once things calm down a bit!


Chief said...

Bare with you during Naked Time? You really do want to be blinded don't you!

tubelessstl said...

but Mutha, you can't get rid of all those funky diva glasses, yet I don't blame you for thinking Lasik! What will you do with those cute frames?
Glad to hear you have some voice gigs to do. I heard you on the radio the other day for the man made snow place here made snow again! Hey, do you get a cut for every time that is on? If not , you should!
Naked time must be a blast.

Sarah said...

I had lasik years ago and it has been great. Quick and easy. The only after effect I can think of is I may be slightly more sensitive to light now, but it's not a big deal. Good luck!
Naked time totally sounds fun!

sleeplesswonder said...

Congrats to you for being able to get lasik. I seen how it was done and I chickened out of ever getting it done. Maybe if I could be put to sleep or something. Do you see the laser working? Or when they numb your eye does your vision go "numb" as well??
I hope everything goes well. And I will miss your post. :(

OmegaMom said...

LASIK is da bomb. Really, truly. It is SO NICE to be able to see the clock from across the bedroom. And to recognize people without your glasses on; before LASIK, I would see amorphous blobs.

That said, make sure you get a deal where they'll do a "touch up" for free. Mine included that, but I wussed out on going back, and I am forever stuck with 20/50 eyesight in one eye. Even so, it's ever-so-much-better than 20/600. :)

Brandi said...

The only advice I have on Lasik comes from an episode of King of Queens...DON'T USE A COUPON! :) I don't know if you watch that show, but that is my favorite episode!

gnomic said...

My experience with LASIK. Had the procedure right before your hubby came to work for me. My vision was 20/800 in both eyes with astigmatism. I can't wear contacts because I'm phobic about putting something in my eye and my glasses were so heavy they wouldn't stay on my face.

The procedure was do big deal, but I was nervous as hell. They came be atavan to calm me down; it might as well been baby aspirin. I was gripping the metal chair so hard it was creaking.

The put an eye speculum in you eye to hold it open. They make an incision and roll the flap back to access the cornea. It doesn't hurt at all, but no one ever mention that you go blind in that eye when it happens. Seems an important thing not to mention. The tell you to look at the light, and you are so paranoid that you look at the light (that isn't really there anymore) like your life depends on it. Then after about 20 seconds that lasts years, they put the flap bad and squeegee the air bubbles out. Which is even weirder than it sounds.

Then they do the other eye.

I bent the eye speculum. They kept telling me to relax. It didn't happen.

After just 6 minutes, the procedure was over. I could see better immediately afterward than I did before.

They tell you to cover your eyes and hands to keep from scratching in your sleep. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. I had drugs on hand to sleep for days, but my grandmother got sick. It was the worst 3 days of itching that you can imagine. Like hay-fever, but 100 times worse. Really.

If you have kids (and you do) get a pair of safety glasses and wear them at all times - no exceptions. You would be amazed at how much stuff gets into your eye and you are terrified to touch it because you might go blind.

Its like puberty, only the consequences are real.

After that, its all good. The swelling goes down and you can finally see that the person next to you looks like crap in the morning...and you look even worse.

Don't worry about the halos and stuff... they go away in about a year and mine were worse before the LASIK. Just use the antibiotic eye drops and keep the follow up appointments.

If you are borderline thickness for the procedure, DON'T DO IT. Just because they can, doesn't mean you should. That's where most of the problems crop up. It isn't worth the risk. But if you are well on the good side of fine, GO FOR IT. it's well worth it.

You really should plan for the kids to be away for the 3 days afterward or you to be away, but well taken care of if possible.