Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday madness

This morning, Miss Boo had a serious wedgie because her underpants were on backwards. I tried to explain why this is not a good thing and we needed to correct the problem. Boo was fascinated with the concept of a wedgie and wanted to keep it going all day long. When her underpants were finally on properly, after much struggling on my part, she demonstrated repeatedly what a wedgie looks like. "Look at my butt! Hahaha I said butt." Is my daughter Beavis or is she Butthead? Little sister Juna reached into her pants and tried to pull up her diaper into a wedgie. Avie just laughed and laughed. I finally had to distract everyone with something else to do. My three year old loves gross out humor. Poop jokes, fart jokes, bring em on! Me describing what Avie looks like when she tries to poop will send Boo into hysterics. Girls are just as fascinated with that kind of thing as boys, I am learning.

Then it was time to put bows in Boo's hair, which you can't do with boys unless you want to scar them for life. It's pretty traumatic for Boo, too. Curly Girls hate having their hair messed with. You should hear the screaming when I attempt to do her hair. Each and every morning. So glad we aren't in multi family housing or someone would end up calling DFS. "NOOOOOOOOO MOMMMY NOOOOOOOO STOP IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HUUUUUUUUUURTS AHHHHHHHHHH!" And I haven't even touched her hair yet. Once the bows were in, the Stinkies kept reaching over to touch the bows while saying, "Ooooh! Ahhhh!" Boo was gently swatting them away like flies. "Stop it, Stinkies! Leave my hair alone!" She was on the floor, trying to read a book with both sisters pawing at her head. Again, it's that sibling dynamic of the little ones being curious about the big one that's so entertaining. Not so much for Boo, but I think it's great.

About that nickname- The Stinkies. People are horrified when I use that name to describe the babies. I explain that it was Narnia's nickname for them, but that doesn't pacify the hatah's. "That's a horrible name for such sweet babies." I argue that several times a day, they totally earn the name of Stinkie. Babies stink. No way around that. Might as well celebrate the stink-ti-tude with a chuckle.

It's almost Christmas? AND Avie's birthday one day later. And then Boo's birthday one week later. I think I've got everything in order. But I will tell you this much. Next year? We're celebrating half birthdays in July. This birthday right after Christmas business is no fair to the kids. They get so screwed over when it comes to presents, parties, and treats. Everyone's so burned out. No one wants to party. No one's available for parties. And cake? Who wants ooey gooey birthday cake the day after Christmas? We're all too fat and guilty from all the treats leading up to Christmas.

This is the only year we'll lump Avie's birthday into Xmas, since she doesn't know any better. And Boo is being taken to Melting Pot for cheese and chocolate fondu sans Stinkies. Next year I'll do the summer blowouts to celebrate.

Speaking of blowouts, what's up with the babies and their blow out diapers of late? The Stinkies indeed.

And yes, it's true. I didn't notice my husband had grown a beard. In my defense, I am trying not to notice my husband due to post surgical restrictions, ifyouknowwhatImean. Those are lifted right around my birthday. Sorry I didn't notice, Fuzzy Face. You look yummier than ever. Maybe try not showering for about a week so I don't find you so appealing?? On second thought, that would not make for a very Merry Christmas, either.

Back to the madness I go! I plan on coming back with a special birthday tribute post to Avie on her birthday. Hopefully. Hopefully I'll find the time to sit down at this desk before then!

Have a wonderful holiday, all of my bloggy friends!!


J said...

Half-birthdays. That's what it's all about. B's birthday is Christmas Eve. It didn't matter much until about age 3. Last summer, we had his first half-birthday party in June. Grandparents flew out from the east coast, all the little friends came, and we put a kiddie pool and bounce house in the back yard. It was a blast. On his REAL birthday, he gets to pick his meal, have a cake, and open BD presents, but it's just family, not a big bash.

Mutha said...

That sounds like a great idea, J!

notaslacker said...

Just don't plan them in the month of April, we'll be all booked up!