Friday, August 17, 2007

Juna, 10 months

Juna, on the bed at the White Swan.

Just two months ago and already that outfit is way too small!

It's the 17th, so that means it's time to wish Juna another happy milestone.

10 months old today, baby girl!

I remember during that exhausting 2 year wait to meet Juna that I often wanted to just give up. That's it! We're DONE with China! In fact, it almost became a reality. We weren't sure of Avalon's health condition at that point. We weren't sure we could handle Avalon's issues and take on a child from an orphanage who would certainly have plenty issues of her own. Were we strong enough parents to take this on? Most importantly, would this be fair to BOTH girls?

Thank goodness for our social worker. I hope she's out there reading this right now. I remember the day she called and we talked at length about this. She gave me the confidence boost I needed. Suddenly it was so very clear. I said, "Yes, let's do this." I remember that it just felt so right.

I can't imagine if we had said no.

I can't imagine life without Juna. We haven't been together long, but it's like we've been together forever. We work so well together, Junie and I. We bonded so quickly and are so close. I can't go very long without kissing those cheekies. She can't go very long without yelling, "MA MA MA MA MA" then crawling over to give me a kiss. We're peas in a pod. We're meant to be together.

Someone asked me the other day what the bond is like. How different is it between us VS how the bond is between myself and the bio kids. I told her there is no difference. The love is fierce and strong and intense for all three of my girls.

Narnia is dreamy and imaginative. Avalon is smiley and good natured. Juna is fun. She's so playful and silly. I think we get along so well because we both live to have a good time. I understand her. I never question what Juna is thinking or what she wants or needs. I just know. I know better with her than I do my other two.

Writing this down so I don't forget.

At 10 months Juna can now:
Cruise using the furniture

Stand up for a few moments on her own. She'll raise her arms above her head and yell, "AHHHHH!" Then she falls on her behind, laughs, and tries again.

She says, "Ahhhhh duh!" (All Done) while waving her hand around anytime she is done with any situation. Especially if Narnia hugs her too long. It's funny to see. Juna sticking up that hand and frantically waving it back and forth. That's her little white flag.

She can say Mama and Baba. And Bob. Bob is her favorite word.

Her latest favorite thing to do is to toss a toy in the air while making the noise, "Ahhhk Ahhhhhk!" If you say it out of the blue, she will grab a toy from the ground and throw it in the air.

Shake her head no. She does it anytime she hears the word no. I could be talking on the phone with a friend and say no very quickly in a sentence, and Juna will shake her head.

She still has issues with me leaving the room for a moment- like to use the bathroom or get some water. She sometimes gets downright hysterical when I do.

She hardly ever claws at herself like when she did when she came home. She will occasionally claw her arm if she is hungry or tired. But now she stops when we reassure her.

When we got home and Avalon's foot would graze hers, Juna would flinch and try to get away from Avalon. She disliked either sister touching her. Now she tolerates Narnia's hugs,but not for long. She also plays with Avalon now. The two steal toys from one another. Avalon will try to climb onto Juna. Juna usually sits there and lets her. Avalon also likes to play with Juna's toes.

I am so lucky to be Juna's mommy. I can't believe the CCAA chose her to be my daughter. I know everyone says that, but seriously. How do they do that? How did they choose the perfect child for our family???

In a month from now, I'll be planning Juna's first birthday. Time is passing by so quickly...

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Kevin & Kimberly said...

Juna is beautfil!

Thank you for posting that you had such a rough time when you hit 2 years. We are there now and I too have said "I am so through with China" Seeing your beautiful baby girl has given me hope.

I can't wait to be home and settled and just be able to enjoy our days with our daughter - thanks for remininding me it is worth it.

Kim :)